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Click on image to the left and read the shirt, understanding that Socialism is not dead, it's alive and well, strong and gaining momentum within this country under the Obama Administration.  The pictures to the right are proving the transition from socialims too communism is well underway. The pictures on the right were taken in California. The Obama admin supports the cause!!
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The list of past attendees:
Anwar al-Awlaki, the notorious Al Qaeda cleric believed to be hiding in Yemen and the lone American on the U.S. government’s capture or kill list, who conducted a prayer service on Capitol Hill shortly after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Randall “Ismail” Royer, a former communications associate for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), who confessed in 2004 to receiving jihadist training in Pakistan. He is serving a 20-year prison term.

Anwar Hajjaj, former president of Taibah International Aid Association, which was designated a terrorist organization by the U.S. and U.N. in 2004. [Seen as a guest speaker in the video above]

Esam Omeish, the former president of the Muslim American Society, who was forced to resign from the Virginia Commission on Immigration in 2007 after calling for “the jihad way,” among other remarks.

Salam Al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, who was forced to step down from a national terrorism committee post in 1999 for pro-terrorist comments.

Nihad Awad, CAIR executive director, who attended a Hamas meeting in Philadelphia in 1993 that was wiretapped by the FBI.

Johari Abdul Malik, Dar al-Hijrah imam, who made statements in support of convicted and suspected terrorists who attended his mosque.

Tariq Ramadan, a Muslim scholar banned from the U.S. for six years beginning in 2004 for his alleged ties and donations to terror groups. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lifted Ramadan’s ban in January.

Abdulaziz Othman Al-Twaijri, the head of a division of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, considered a foreign agent by the U.S

We should fully understand the professional and educational level the above individuals work within. The above individuals are idealist, intellectuals, political savvy, and at the top of thier professions.  The above men operate within society above the normal levels, within closed circles of other professionals and well educated socialites.  The facts are clear, these men are not the oppressed, poor or displaced and yet spew their support for terrorism and terroristic activity, some even involved in terrorism.

Yes, You are looking at a picture of the Mrs Obama. Folks, I'm not trying to force the thought in your head but does she understand Islamic Eid is a festival of Muslims that is celebrated all over the world. Eid-ul-Adha is also known as the festival of sacrifice. Is she celebrating Eid this week?
Is Mrs Obama Celebrating Eid-ul-Adha, The Islamic Festival Of Sacrifice.

Could Obama be the Islamic sympathizer which ultimately destroys Americas Judeo-Christian Foundation.  Was he born in Kenya? See Evidence Click Above. I believe President Obama is operating IN THE spirit of the Anti-Christ Gentile Leader of Revelation 6:2

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Follow the worlds persecutionof Jews and Christians. The Middle East is becoming a hotbed of persecution.
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Food prices have been gradually increasing over the past year. I have been warning friends and family members for several years it will steadily increase.

Eli Lake is a premier on point Journalist. A true master within the journalist profession. A must read journalist.
Click here: DailyBeast
The Israel Turkey relationship has been torn in two, Turkey positioned itself with Iran.

The rebels track down Qahdaffi, drag him into the crowd and shoot him, one in the head and the other in the chest according to news reports. The President Of USA praises his death and his killers. Since when does America condone the killing of leaders of nations. This admin has killed Anwar Al-Awaliki (American) without a trial and Osama Bin-Laden. We stand for trial by juries, not open execution. This administration does not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, what is Nobel about the Middle East Today, and where is Peace?
The Black Robed Regiment was the name tthe British placed on the courageous and patriotic American clergy during the Founding Era (a backhanded reference to the black robes they  wore).  Please support Reverend Cook and the Virginia chapter today, at
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Americas school system is re-writing history. "Muhammed was an incredible leader with Jewish and Christian friends".  Oh YEA.. A must read report:
Potentially the next leader of Libya, Abdul Hakim-Baldj led the overthrow of Ghadaffi. He is also part of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Is Russia, Iran, and China secretly aligning themselves for war in the middle east. Troop movement just might be happening!!

Intelligence reports show Saudi Arabia increasing their desire for nuclear missiles. The Saudis should not be trusted..
Judge Dredge Takes To The Air!! According to The Obama Admin Internal Document, Americans Can Be Targeted For Assassination If Deemed A Threat!! The Police State Has Officially Been Unleashed!! Click Picture To Read Article!!
Mr. Guandolo created and implemented the FBI’s first Counterterrorism Training Program focusing on the Brotherhood and their subversive movement in the United States.
All Pro Gun Owners and or supporters of Gun ownership it is time to take a stand against the ANTI-GUN supporters.  They do not understand the dreadful position they have taken, but, if they are successful all of us will know how dreadful it will become. I AM CALLING FOR A BOYCOTT ON ALL ANTI-GUN MOVIE STARS AND CORPORATIONS. It is time to stop their money stream which impacts our freedoms and liberties.  Join with me and BOYCOTT THE FOLLOWING ACTORS CORPORATIONS. Do not allow them to gain monetarily from your movie viewing or corporate spending. It may be a challenge at first too break the habit of supporting them, but, it will be well worth it to support PRO GUN actors and corporations.This is where true Americanism exists in choosing capitalism vs socialism.  We need to BOYCOTT and send a clear message to the ANTI-GUN crowd, NO MORE!! Click here for a list of ANTI-GUN INDIVIDUALS AND CORPORATIONS!!
Bradlee Dean the host of Sons Of Liberty Radio show was a recent guest on my show.  We discussed the current issues of the week along with the founding fathers and their intent when forming the documents that govern the nation today. Bradlee Dean is known to many as the Junkyard Prophet, a true warrior for God.
RAYMOND IBRAHIM is a widely published author, public speaker, and Middle East and Islam expert.  His books include Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians (2013) and The Al Qaeda Reader (2007). His writings, translations, and observations have appeared in a variety of publications, including Fox News, Financial Times, Jerusalem Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times Syndicate, United Press International.
Walid Shoebat is a Palestinian American Christian who converted from Islam. A self-proclaimed ex-terrorist, he lectures on the dangers of Islamic radicalism and is a strong supporter of the state of Israel.
Louisianna Senator Elber Lee Guilloroy understands the propaganda spread by the Democratic Party over the past 60 years has destroyed the Black community within this country.  He has left the democratic "Party of Dependance" and joined the Republican "Party of Liberation". He is a propaganda destroyer. Listen here:
Live News All Day:  Updated February 2, 2015
Colonel Allen Bernard West is a former United States Congressman and current contributor for Fox News and PJ Media. After a 22-year military career, he entered politics in the 2008 election, when he ran for U.S. Representative from Florida's 22nd congressional district. 

"I believe Obama is a Muslim and will destroy this Judeo-Christian Nation" Quote by me January 2009, time will tell.
The truth will set you free.  I do not answer to share holders. I do not answer to a corporate hierarchy. I do not answer to advertisers.  I answer to no-one but God.  I do not write this to persuade you to believe me, nor, do I write it to create hatred or backlash.  I write it for one purpose and one purpose only, to warn you of the pending collapse of Americas core belief.  The founding fathers built this nation with "Freedom and Liberty" as the core belief on the drawing board. They believed in A God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and set course to revere Him in establishing this nation.  This reverance to God is all but destroyed today, and what awaits us in this future Godless nation will shake "Freedon and Liberty" from the seams of our foundation, utterly destroying the bedrock built by the founding fathers.  I believe we are entering into a dispensation of time (April 2014 - September 2015)  that will raise the hair on your arms and rattle your mind, seiring the consciousness of men and women in this country.  The American economy will collapse by September 2015. Please remember: Holocaust!! Evil does exist!! January 2014 Jim "Howie" Mandel Jr
John Guandolo along with several distinguished individuals, such as, Judge Michael Mukasey, R. James Woolsey, Colonel Allen West, Admiral James Lyons, Lt General William "Jerry Boykins" just to name a few release the Jihadi Penetration of Conservative Movement Report. The statement of facts detailed within thei document specifically demonstrates both Suhail Khan and Grover Norquist are involved in directly supporting leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Al-Queda in America.  The Report was discussed on the show February 12th 2014.
Available at and Please share with all you know. It is imperative to share this report, national security is being threatened.
Howie explains how the two faces of Islam are unilateraly destroying the country, and able to do it behind the shield of "Religious Freedom". This 8 page article is a must read for all Americans. The Republic is teetering on collapse, and the Muslim Brotherhood is standing by ready to pick up the pieces. The 'Shock" and "Awe" of Islam written March 2014 will raise eyebrows. A must read.
Muslim Brotherhood organizations across the country send formal letter of complaint to White House.  Former FBI agent John Guandolo exposes them and they do not like it.. Read Letter Here!!
Andrew Harrod is a freelance writer, org such as American Thinker. He was recent guest on the show, discussing the homosexual agenda, Isis and Boko Harum. He recently completed his 200th article.
We must educate ourselves because our educational system is a failure today. The founding fathers where SELFLESS individuals and you can learn about them here at Wallbuilders.
Past Guests On The Show!!